Online Ad Creation

Online Ad Creation


When you need to get the word out about your products, services and special offers, you can count on MultiAd for efficient, effective methods to help — whether through email, print advertising, the Web, television or radio. We've got template-based marketing materials down to a science, and our unique and customizable rule-based technologies help ensure the integrity of your brand, regardless of the user.

Custom Print Advertising Creation
We can work with you to create a proprietary version of our AdCreator software that showcases your company’s brand identity. The program is flexible enough to meet the needs of a specific market yet controlled enough to ensure conformity with corporate standards. It also incorporates personalized delivery and download, along with conveniences like built-in storage for previously built files. Our customized solutions are extremely flexible to fit your needs and can adapt as your business changes.

New from MultiAd, our Creator Select solution leverages years of experience with custom development to provide you with an affordable tool for localized document creation. Creator Select is an intuitive, robust
solution that allows you to build your brand without blowing your budget.

Custom E-mail Generation
MultiAd offers a proven technology similar to our AdCreator solution that provides e-mail marketing materials to retailers and media professionals without the burden and cost of image hosting, CAN-SPAM compliance or tracking. With our system, a user can select an ad, customize it and deploy it to an entire contact list, all with a point and a click. You can control any layout parameter to ensure conformity with corporate standards.

Custom TV Advertising Creation
Local businesses once could not easily produce an ad and run a TV campaign on their own. NOW that has changed. MultiAd has partnered with Spotzer to help you leverage professional, quality and effective customizable video advertising at a remarkably affordable cost. We plan your campaign, purchase the media, execute and manage all the details with turnkey services that take the burden off you.

Today, you can get your own ad, your own media plan and a world-class team of media professionals supporting you all the way.

Imagine your own highly targeted advertising campaign personalized for your business and specifically targeted to reach the geographic and demographic audience you need. And all at a price you can afford. Take advantage of Spotzer’s new media advertising solutions and take your business to the next level.

Web Banner Creation
MultiAd offers an online tool for creating customized web banners in a variety of styles, sizes and formats. Our extensive, searchable database includes pre-designed ads focused on a wide array of products, services industries, seasons, holidays and other occasions that represent selling opportunities. Users can customize each ad with the copy, contact information and logo of their choosing and download the finished product in seconds.

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