This section describes the major improvements made to MultiAd Creator Professional 8.5.3 for Windows since version 8.0.3

• Screen drawing and export efficiency has been greatly improved.

• TIFF and JPEG can now be exported in CMYK.

• Palette activation fixes when dealing with modeless dialogs.

• Soft shadows on text now appear in vector output (pdf, eps, print).

• The “Both CMYK and RGB” option has been removed from export and print dialogs. Choose a single space, either CMYK or RGB.

• Documents with custom borders saved on one machine will now be found when opened on another machine.

• Other general fixes.

• Variable opacity can be set for solid colors on an element's frame, fill, and shadow. Gradients can also have variable opacity on each color step. New controls have been added next to all sets of color and shade controls.

• Any element can now be set to be a global text wrap for any text block. Select any element and choose Arrange -> Wrap Text to set its global wrap. Text blocks can ignore global wraps if they wish. Activate a text block and choose Format -> Text Block Settings and turn on "Ignore global wraps".

• Indesign Interchange files can now be opened in Creator.


This section describes the major improvements made to MultiAd Creator Professional 8.0.4 for Windows since version 8.0.3.

• Fix issues with 1-bit images.

• Random images will no longer be left out of exported EPS files.

• Hyphenation will no longer occur after a slash.

• Force Justify vertical justification issue fixed—text no longer disappears.

• Minor table issues fixed.

• Fixed problems after changing to and/or from True Previews.


This section describes the major improvements made to MultiAd Creator Professional 8.0.3 for Windows since version 8.0.2.

• When exporting PDF with color matching turned on, both RGB and CMYK profiles are now available in the Profile popup.

• Redraw issue in the Colors palette when exporting has been fixed.

• Spell check now works with a volume name that contains non-ASCII characters. 

• Creator checks to see if the file is locked when opening documents via Quick Open or Recent Items submenus.

• True Previews are not regenerated multiple times when saving documents with the full size preview preference turned on.

• Export selection of EPS & PDF now uses the correct bounds for the selected item.

• Creator no longer crashes when no gradient is selected from the gradient dialog box.

• Redraw and export issues fixed for lines with thick frames.

• Scripts can now access empty text blocks in a multi-block flow.

• The change in the Find/Change dialog now function properly.

• Break capitalized words in the Document Settings > Hyphenation dialog box when pressing Break has been fixed.

• Cancel button is now visible on the dialog box "There is text in this document that is not visible because of text block overflow.".

• Graphic images edited with the Magic Wand and moved with the Containment tool to the pasteboard no longer becomes indefinitely locked.

• Converted CIF files no longer think embedded eps graphics have changed. 

• In the Table Info dialog > Frame panel, the Vertical shade field is now editable when an invalid entry is entered.

• Contained graphics in a multi-column text block is selectable.

• Multi-column text blocks that are scaled will now scale elements that are placed into the text block.

• Rectangles in some PDF files are now rendered as being closed when exported.

• Help strings added to the gradient type buttons.

• Print>Multiad Options>Use Binary Encoding is not selected by default.

• Frame and Gradient dialog no longer crashed when nothing is selecting and you choose OK.


This section describes the major improvements made to MultiAd Creator Professional 8.0.2 for Windows since version 8.0.1.

• The screen refresh is now working correctly for grouped text blocks that have been rotated and edited. Artifacts are no longer left on the screen.

• New preference in EPS Export dialog box called "Make gradients more compatible". Selecting this checkbox will allow documents containing gradients to print correctly to a wider variety of printers. Note: Selecting this checkbox will result in a larger EPS file. 

• The quality of gradients is improved in documents exported to PDF.

• A triangle shape any path with a point, with a frame width of 10 point or higher will now refresh properly if moved.

• A grayscale TIFF that has been colorized with a Pantone Spot color will now properly separate to a Spot plate.

• A keyboard shortcut for Place Graphic into Container has been added: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+I.

• The check box in Print>Multiad Options>Use Binary Encoding is no longer selected by default on the PC.

• Creator now has registered MIME types for Creator documents and CIF documents. They are application/vnd.multiad.creator and application/vnd.multiad.creator.cif, respectively.


This section describes the major improvements made to MultiAd Creator Professional 8.0.1 for Windows since version 8.0.0.

• Various issues with merging cells in Tables have been resolved.

• When placing multiple PDFs to the same spread in a multiple page document, Creator Professional will no longer crash.

• The Gather For Output command will now ask the user to replace the existing file or create new file. The name of the folder created will be appended with the word "gathered".

• Items on pasteboard will now print as expected when Bleed Items at Edge is enabled.

• The keyboard shortcut to activate Leading on the Specifications Palette, cmd+opt+\, now functions as expected.

• The Place With Cursor option now functions properly in the Place Graphic dialog and no longer conflicts with the Place Graphic in Container dialog.

• Reshape handles on curves now display correctly when using the Reshape Tool to edit a path..

• A new preference called Plate Order has been added to the General panel of the Preferences dialog. Users can now designate the plate order.

• Objects placed in a container now center as expected when the shortcut keys cmd+5 are applied.